Dimontonate Floccati is established in 1973 as Montonate S.p.A. to develop packaging systems at the time still quite uncommon on the Italian market: flocked paper and plastic foil. The business continues to grow, expanding its range of products, until it is able to produce, as it’s currently the case, any flocked article the market might demand. In 2005 Dimontonate Floccati enters the Automotive market. In 2010 Dimontonate USA is created to support the continuous expansion in the foreign markets, with emphasis on the automotive sector. This allows Dimontonate to continue to ensure the quality and attention to service that distinguishes it. Dimontonate USA is a commercial company fully controlled by Dimontonate Floccati.

Dimontonate Floccati is the leader company in production of flocked material since 1973. In more than 40 years of activity the company has grown its production range and is today specialized in Automotive, luxury packaging and technicals applications.

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