Owing to the use of different kind of flock, of colors, of adhesives and supports of various nature, Dimontonate Floccati can offer a wide range of flocked products for the luxury packaging.


Dimontonate Floccati has several production lines designed to produce flocked materials in full respect of the high quality working-managing standards, and of the enviroment:

  • Two flocking line with air-controlled cabins to preserve optimum flocking conditions, one of which is the vanguard worldwide, equipped with belt and rameuse.
  • An Embossing line
  • A cutting deprtment
  • A cutting deprtment fully dedicated to the aumotive products
  • An R & D quality control laboraty


We are committed to direct our energy and strategic thinking towards innovation and constant reasearch in oder to offer immediately and satisfactorily the quality that our customer require.

Thanks to our in-house laboraty equipped with the latest technologie, Dimontonate Floccati is able to develop new products and innotive applications which may comply to the main different customers's request and to their differents needs with a specific tailor made approach. Through an adequate quality control and our tailor made approach we are able to offer a top qulity service.

ISO 9001:2008 certification, a target tha rewards our commitments and that is a constant incentive to be technically advanced and attentive in the reaserch of innovation solutions.



The introduction of the ERP system, together with the use of barcode for the traceability of all raw materials and finished goods, allow Dimontonate to deploy on advanced logistic management system.

Our automated warehouse enable us to have an excellent production managing compared to the raw material and to the finished product.